A Scottish woman cured from the coronavirus encounters a bizarre, but annoying condition that she never had before her infection. She herself calls it "short-circuit in the brain".
april 17 2020 Tracey Binnie contracted the corona virus four weeks ago. She did not have to go to the hospital and she is now almost healed, but she does suffer from an unpleasant condition at times. The East Lothian (Scotland) woman shared the symptom in a Facebook group. "I regularly suffer from what feels like 'short circuit in the brain'. At those moments I can no longer concentrate and it usually happens to me when I sit or stand. It is very annoying. Are there any (ex-) corona patients who experience this? ”, They said. A few people recognized the symptom. "I know what you mean. It feels like you have been drinking a bottle of wine and you are losing your attention ”, someone said. Concentration problem Brain fog It may be "brain fog", literally translated as "brain fog". It then seems as if a thick fog in your head is preventing you from thinking clearly. You forget things easily and you don't come up with certain words. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 55,924 corona patients showed that 38.1% had (a form of) fatigue. Earlier, a 50-year-old corona patient who never had a cough or fever experienced similar symptoms. “I felt exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. I also suffered from "brain fog". I couldn't even fill out fairly simple forms. I just wanted to sleep, ”she told Daily Mail.
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