Below is a picture of A DOCUMENT of a patend for corona virus facents 2018

PatentĀ  application 2015

click on it and see the page on us patent

It seems that the intention was already to develop a facent before the virus even existed, and to make the confusion even bigger there are several corona it’s a group one thing there is only one covid 19; our personal opinion, if covid 19 belongs to the group you can use it for this
but your intention remains more or less hidden, namely making fakcent before the disease even exists.

As the girl in the video says, these are a doctor’s observations and advice and not a theory conspiracy!

Therefore, view it completely! If you don’t want to put in the time and effort to get this important information walk away! We don’t want to waste our precious time and yours. may be a time when using (a real) virus (the problem) for the solution installing a total control system and it is not intended to claim and deny the virus.In other words the (not so dangerous as the claime to be) virusĀ  is probably used for a dark and sinister plan.

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