The moderna scam

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It is about the roots of how a company sells its facents through corruption, but also conducts propaganda.
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In this country  Belgium must also have roots of such corruption.
if the person in the video mentions that all of this is done through tax havens in the Caribbean.
A few weeks back from now date post September 10, 2020
A local newspaper  reported that many of these tax havens will be removed from the gray and black lists. Good for all the honest firms.
Unfortunately, this is not the case.

I can tell you that these are certainly there (honest business people) and the intention is not to pay too much in taxes, yet those who have less good intentions are crawling through the cracks of the net through corruption and money power.

POST NR 7. The Blankenberge Riot in Belgium

THE Blankenberge Riot in Belgium

While in the Netherlands and in some of our (Belgium) surrounding countries it is mentioned that the so-called virus is very much inflated in numbers, but the propanda continues,

I think that the existing legislation is sufficient, there are already laws why they are not used,

So when it comes to protest against corana, they have a point, BUT THE WAY NOT

it justifies only the CORONAPRAGANDA,

DUMUREY mayor of blankenberge and De Crem MAYOR Aalter AND MINISTER OF INSIDE AFFAIRS



Because there is an existing legislation to deal with this, the right to be against someone is also being taken away.

If I have understood correctly, De Crem wants to make yet another piece of law where every person who ever had or will ever have a gas fine will be registered, I call that cultivating prejudices to suppress!

Wow seems to me a dictatorial state under construction where everyone is used including the police;

Which will reinforce the hatred of the hotheads against the police services, because is it not the case that this is called a police state once this work is finished,


I just want to explain why these young people have a point, at least with regard to corona measures, these young people should really not be punished and they should be taught that the word is stronger than physical violence, to prevent a police state from being built and respect for democracy!

De bakker

Once upon a time in Belgium there was a State Secretary named

Philippe De Backer


Secretary of State for the North Sea, Combating Social Fraud and Privacy


Federal Minister of Digital Agenda, Telecommunications and Post, charged with Administrative simplification, Fight against Social Fraud, Privacy and the North Sea


Municipal councilor of Antwerp

Was it not the case that this gentleman would end his career as a politician,

Wasn’t it the case that he started up again and stopped masks for 3 million euros, so SAID THAT THEY DIDN’T MEET THE MARK

Was it not the case that new orders had been ordered with hallmark!

I have not seen a mask with certification yet, more than that I have spoken to people who claim that the masks in Ghent sea port were stored in logistics and not destroyed, and HIGHLY LIKELY SOLD BACK

This smells like cuttings and bagging misuse of function or am I wrong?

Finally, this EASY YET WITH SUCH FUNCTIONS TO REQUIRE MASKS and to fill your pockets with it.


The vius seems to know national boundaries in the Netherlands no wear but only the 1.50 meters distance, also in France, of course easy to make all kinds of computer models,

And to carry out propaganda I have not yet seen a person die in the street, including me who does not wear a mask because who is going to oblige me to breathe my own nitrogen, I want to see this judge anyway,

Surgeons wear a mask for this very reason in order not to infect the patient for this dangerous gas and now you are obliged to inhale this more even a fine,

Where has common sense gone?




POST NR 6. For those who don’t believe corona is a scam!

The truth is thath the world-wide cult unfolds tyranny through out the use of a pandemic!

The following is pure conjecture.
We think that it has been tampered with, this does not make it a disease but it may be a weapon with the intention to kill selectively! Regardless of whether it is a regular flu or a modified one, with poor health resistance it can potentially kill.So it is harmless to a very large percentage of the world’s population!

I have subscribed to several stock market related newsletters.
I got more and more messages that the mother of all crises would break out.
My interest was also in what the Freemasons do behind the scenes. also a man who spoke about spreading viruses . through this and thought it would happen soon. we’re talking here in the 2017 timeline!
when i told the whole world will be shut down WITHIN TWO THREE YEARS FROM NOW 2017 at my work at that time i was laughed at, watch now! A FEW WEEKS LATER I SAW AT A TRAM STOP IN GHENT AN (egyptian) masonic symbol with the words soon every where I thought it won’t be long!
I took a picture of it!
I forgot these events and they disappeared from my mind.
Now in the period 2020, somewhere in between February, I got to talk to an Egyptian.  ON FACEBOOK
Several weeks before the so-called pandemic, I got the link from THE EGYPTIAN MAN a
Arab video 1 below in which ANTHONY FAUSSI THE PANDEMIA PREDICTED in 2017 that there would be an unexpected outbreak of a pandemic during the Donald Trump legistature, which I didn’t know in 2017 when I told my colleague!
But of course it is not difficult to predict
if you worked on it yourself! According to another document, applications for patents as well as Caribbean companies would be targeted as early as 1999-2003.(see video 2)
In 2020 a Dutch-speaking Belgian newspaper will appear that various Caribbean companies will disappear from the gray and black lists!
Great was my surprise when I opened the photos’ GPS data 2017 April 9 at 8.11 am

Prove No. 1  We Are Speaking the Truth: 


Prove No. 2 We Are Speaking the Truth: 


Prove No. 3 We Are Speaking the Truth: 

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Cayman Islands again removed from the European list of tax havens
European finance ministers today decided to remove Cayman Islands and Oman from the blacklist of tax havens. The Cayman Islands ended up on the European list earlier this year, but according to the European Union, the British overseas territory has now implemented the necessary fiscal reforms.
on the date of  06-10-20, 12:55 Source: Belga

The Cayman Islands were the first British overseas territory to be blacklisted in February after the United Kingdom left the European Union. Because the Caribbean islands changed their legislative framework for collective investment funds in September, they are now being taken off the list again. Oman is no longer on it either. Another British overseas territory, Anguilla, has been added, as has Barbados.

POST NR 5. The governments worldwide take care of us, really?

How many people have already passed each other without recognizing each other? Why does it call social distance and not physical distance? Why am I required to wear a mask that breathes my own nitrogen? Why am I obliged to take a cart in the store ?Why do I have to wash my hands endlessly when entering every store? You might start thinking this is propaganda for a certain end purpose or what, but then you are a conspiracy theorist, while these are questions that a normal person might ask himself, right? But for many, common sense has just disappeared, and they’ve just become some sort of biological computer,
And keep looking forward to their very latest corona software, it seems like an addiction.
The cult of the illumination and their puppet governments worldwide or whatever  you want to call them , they perfectly how to play the subconscious mind. Social distance is exactly what they want, just say the exercise divide and rule. Your true self is not done ,some even have the shock of their life of what others will think of them, imagine! Wear a mask where you, your own nitrogen should breathe more even get a fine for it if you don’t fulfill your obligation to ruin your own lungs. The big corporations  even cooperate with full cooperation and profit of the large warehouses, taking a cart is now better for your health.
I’m thinking of the biggest bullshit ever, taking a cart makes people buy more than they intended,
Washing your hands is certainly not a problem, but if I know that this must be done with special products, I will frown my eyes!
And if you know that since 2015, padtents have been taken for all kinds of cells!
Why does a doctor in the States get $ 4,500 for a deathcertificate and for Covid 19 44,000$
If the disease is bad, this is acceptable, certainly you would be crazy not to, but if you hear all kinds of stories like this, then you can not think of anything else, you are messing around here.
Did you know that the tests are not worth shit  and check lung fluid and not isolate every drop of lung fluid so that they knows exactly what is in it genetic material and the individual diseases in a row,
Did you know that in the Netherlands 10 unused tests were added and all tested positive, came back
Our health will be stolen by pills and  vaccine’s
Our money will be stolen by digital systems
And finally our minds by chipping everyone world wide
Stop the corrona madness, and stay your trueself its the best in the world and unique.
Let one thing be clear, we do not deny the disease, but the official truth is certainly not the real truth here!
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POST NR 2 .Searching for the truth between official truth and conspiracy theories .

Searching for the truth between official truth and conspiracy theories

You may wonder: Did they deliberately let the disease take its course?
Or is it something that has been deliberately and artificially brought into the arena?

See here under an arabic spoken movie have patience after 2 to 3 minutes it’s english where  doctor Anthonny Faussi announces you shouldn’t be surprised that by 2020 they will find some virus to spread WORLDWIDE during the Trump administration BUT in the first video you would think in the direction of artificial diffusion in the second video you would think more in the direction of natural diffusion



Inventors:Bickerton; Erica (Woking, GB), Keep; Sarah (Woking, GB), Britton; Paul (Woking, GB)


Pirbright, Woking


Assignee:THE PIRBRIGHT INSTITUTE (Woking, Pirbright, GB)
Family ID:51494985
Appl. No.:15/328,179
Filed:July 23, 2015
PCT Filed:July 23, 2015
PCT No.:PCT/GB2015/052124
371(c)(1),(2),(4) Date:January 23, 2017
PCT Pub. No.:WO2016/012793
PCT Pub. Date:January 28, 2016

POST NR 1. Woman struggles with strange condition after coronavirus cure

A Scottish woman cured from the coronavirus encounters a bizarre, but annoying condition that she never had before her infection. She herself calls it "short-circuit in the brain".
april 17 2020 Tracey Binnie contracted the corona virus four weeks ago. She did not have to go to the hospital and she is now almost healed, but she does suffer from an unpleasant condition at times. The East Lothian (Scotland) woman shared the symptom in a Facebook group. "I regularly suffer from what feels like 'short circuit in the brain'. At those moments I can no longer concentrate and it usually happens to me when I sit or stand. It is very annoying. Are there any (ex-) corona patients who experience this? ”, They said. A few people recognized the symptom. "I know what you mean. It feels like you have been drinking a bottle of wine and you are losing your attention ”, someone said. Concentration problem Brain fog It may be "brain fog", literally translated as "brain fog". It then seems as if a thick fog in your head is preventing you from thinking clearly. You forget things easily and you don't come up with certain words. A study by the World Health Organization (WHO) in 55,924 corona patients showed that 38.1% had (a form of) fatigue. Earlier, a 50-year-old corona patient who never had a cough or fever experienced similar symptoms. “I felt exhausted and just wanted to go to bed. I also suffered from "brain fog". I couldn't even fill out fairly simple forms. I just wanted to sleep, ”she told Daily Mail.
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