NR 21 Hi, as I have been thinking for a long time now, corruption is the biggest virus! | DIET WITHOUT DIET
Criminal Charges Dropped Against Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Researcher Judy Mikovits click here

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  Graphene oxide seems to be in masks and pcr tests and vaccines ! I do not guarantee the accuracy of this video. One thing I know for sure
covid 19 is a conspiracy, already in 2017 I said that within 2 to 3 years the world would completely flatten. I also showed them the 5 cent euro piece with a mask. I was laughed at but look now and the masks pcr tests themselves now also appear to contain toxic substances.
And what the vaccines it wouldn’t surprise me that there is something wrong with that intentionally or unintentionally

It all began after a 5 hourintervieuw whith wisselblower scientist JUDY MIKOVITS. Her testemony shines light on the dept of corruption behind big pharma,,after this discussion,there was no turning back .> > >

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