POST NR 6. For those who don’t believe corona is a scam! | DIET WITHOUT DIET
The truth is thath the world-wide cult unfolds tyranny through out the use of a pandemic!

The following is pure conjecture.
We think that it has been tampered with, this does not make it a disease but it may be a weapon with the intention to kill selectively! Regardless of whether it is a regular flu or a modified one, with poor health resistance it can potentially kill.So it is harmless to a very large percentage of the world’s population!

I have subscribed to several stock market related newsletters.
I got more and more messages that the mother of all crises would break out.
My interest was also in what the Freemasons do behind the scenes. also a man who spoke about spreading viruses . through this and thought it would happen soon. we’re talking here in the 2017 timeline!
when i told the whole world will be shut down WITHIN TWO THREE YEARS FROM NOW 2017 at my work at that time i was laughed at, watch now! A FEW WEEKS LATER I SAW AT A TRAM STOP IN GHENT AN (egyptian) masonic symbol with the words soon every where I thought it won’t be long!
I took a picture of it!
I forgot these events and they disappeared from my mind.
Now in the period 2020, somewhere in between February, I got to talk to an Egyptian.  ON FACEBOOK
Several weeks before the so-called pandemic, I got the link from THE EGYPTIAN MAN a
Arab video 1 below in which ANTHONY FAUSSI THE PANDEMIA PREDICTED in 2017 that there would be an unexpected outbreak of a pandemic during the Donald Trump legistature, which I didn’t know in 2017 when I told my colleague!
But of course it is not difficult to predict
if you worked on it yourself! According to another document, applications for patents as well as Caribbean companies would be targeted as early as 1999-2003.(see video 2)
In 2020 a Dutch-speaking Belgian newspaper will appear that various Caribbean companies will disappear from the gray and black lists!
Great was my surprise when I opened the photos’ GPS data 2017 April 9 at 8.11 am

Prove No. 1  We Are Speaking the Truth: 


Prove No. 2 We Are Speaking the Truth: 


Prove No. 3 We Are Speaking the Truth: 

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Cayman Islands again removed from the European list of tax havens
European finance ministers today decided to remove Cayman Islands and Oman from the blacklist of tax havens. The Cayman Islands ended up on the European list earlier this year, but according to the European Union, the British overseas territory has now implemented the necessary fiscal reforms.
on the date of  06-10-20, 12:55 Source: Belga

The Cayman Islands were the first British overseas territory to be blacklisted in February after the United Kingdom left the European Union. Because the Caribbean islands changed their legislative framework for collective investment funds in September, they are now being taken off the list again. Oman is no longer on it either. Another British overseas territory, Anguilla, has been added, as has Barbados.

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