Like many with me, I am convinced that this so-called killer virus is a severe flu and is virtually harmless to healthy people.
Now I have learned that a mask and social distance would have just the opposite effect to what it is actually intended for.
And prevents people from providing natural immune time, this seems logical to me as a flu virus mutates every year.
Logical thinking makes me think in the direction of when this link of destroying the virus is turned off.
The virus gets a free hand to mutate endlessly in a short time and by definition a Pandora’s box is opened.
We are soon accused of conspiracy thinking, but what if I’m right?

But I remember when I was young when I had to keep warm in winter, otherwise I would catch a cold.
Now the new normal I see people, some shivering from the cold, waiting in line for their turn in the store.
I urgently wonder where has common sense gone


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